Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jollibee scandal

para kay lisa to

Sunday, September 17, 2006


la semaine dernière

a few days ago, i told some people that i'd start my next blog entry with these lines: "i've been constipated, my bum hurts, kinda reminds me when i had my cherry popped". well that was a few days ago. i'm not constipated anymore, probably due to a high-fiber diet. LOL.

a lot of things have happened since then and now (it's just been 8 days). Maria Sharapova won her first US Open title. i'm quite happy for her. i'd choose her over Justine Henin-Hardenne anytime. oh! poor justine! she managed to reach the finals in all four grand slam events this year and she won only once! it's hard to play the role of the "Grand Ligwak" (runner-up) everytime. i wish Venus wasn't injured though. it made me really happy last year when she won Wimbledon (as the 11th seed). Roger Federer won his third US Open title in a row. hmm... boring! i wonder which one of the tennis guys would step up and be Roger's main nemesis? James Blake? Andy Roddick? these two always bow down to Roger, huhu. Marat Safin has the potential to be a Roger-beater, he just doesn't have the consistency though. Rafael Nadal seems to be the most logical choice, but, i'm quite disappointed with his capri-pants-like outfit. more skin please!

Rockstar: Supernova crowned Lukas Rossi as the new lead singer of Supernova (supernova? what a lame name for a rockband?!? :p) he's ok i guess. wasn't really a big fan. i really liked Ryan Star, Toby Rand and Dilana. i hope these guys don't end up as most talent show contestants do (being thrown into the realm of forgotteness - if there's such a word). so i wish them all success.

i've also been happy with the fact that i get to see my shemale bestfriend hender more often. even though we work in the same building, we don't get to see each other a lot. it's always nice to spend more time with friends. even if it means that i have to take the LOOOONG way home. last thursday, we talked about the grossest things we can do and for how much money we're willing to do it for. it's not pretty, i even almost puked at the thought of doing some of those things. i have to devote a post for our bus/jeepney/lrt ride discussions. hehe.

this should be enough light reading though. :)

oh. by the way. my sister introduced me to the world of Prison Break. and i have a new crush...


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Saturday, September 09, 2006


première entrée

hey! after almost two years of non-blogging, i'm back! well, i've had my photoblog for around the same time, but, i never really "blogged" to begin with. now that most of my closest friends (and the not so close ones as well -- even Dave Navarro updates his blog regularly!) seem to be really into it, i guess it's time for me to rejoin the bandwagon.

ok, i'm beginning my blog rennaissance by narrating my not-so-boring day yesterday.


it's my day off. i'm feeling the sting of having to work nights. it's very antisocial. add the fact the we change shifts monthly and that equates to dark eye circles plus a less-than-desired complexion. i started working, mainly, because i wanted to afford going to a "classy" gym, so i could be MORE beautiful, but that's hardly the case. i've been on an almost two-month long gym hiatus, acne breaks out every once in a while (specially during shift-transition, and i think i'm beggining to look more haggard than pretty. the weight issue is quite weird though, people are inconsistent. some say i lost weight, some say i gained weight and some say they didn't notice any difference at all. but then again, i don't really know what i want when it comes to weight, i guess the best thing is to lose the residual fats and gain a bit more muscle mass. *wink*

errr, i'm getting sidetracked. like i've said, it's my off today, so i better do something "nice" today. i got up a bit early, as usual, i went online and it was, again, as usual, uneventful. but being online makes you lose your sense of time though, so that's ok. i had the tv on the whole time i was online and when the US Open match between James Blake and Roger Federer started, i had to change my focus. James Blake is too hot not to give 100% of your attention to. gosh! i wish he was my boyfriend. hehe. sadly, he lost. not without taking his first set ever against federer (they met four times previously and Blake lost in straight sets all the time). Blake taking the third set meant that the match took a little longer than expected to finish, which means, i have to adjust my schedule and start my next "activity" right after the match finished. i was planning to go to the bank today so i can pay some "bills".

i eventually gathered enough energy to leave the house after a few hours of being sedentary. watching tennis while your favorite player is losing can be draining! i went to cubao and settled my financial transactions in a bank in that area then headed to Gateway Mall to look for body support stuff (elbow, knee and ankle support). huhu. my body's giving up on me. i've been feeling some discomfort on my major joints (on the left side) probably due to incorrect form when i do some sporting moves. oh well. turns out Gateway doesn't have a lot of sports shops so i couldn't find the things that i needed. i decided to go somewhere else. but i before i left, i was in the mood for some coffee and cake (wishing that i'd bump into a hottie while sitting at the coffee shop!). the time at the coffee shop was uneventful. i decided to send a text message to Ablir 'coz i thought he was in the area and he did send me a message the night before reminding me that it was his birthday. but he was in SM Megamall (for those who's not familiar with metro manila, it's two train stations away from Gateway). since i'm not yet in the mood to go home and so is he, we decided to meet up.

after finishing my delicious chocolate cake and a tall glass of vanilla latte, i started heading to Megamall. Patrick accompanied me while i shopped for the athletic body supports that i needed. we went window shopping after that. we both wished we had enough money not to worry about spending too much on clothes (and other things). i really liked the jacket i saw in People Are People. *sigh* but it's too expensive for me. huhu. (paging sponsors! lol!). i did mention wanting to have a pair of suits. i think i'd look hot in a pinstripe coat and pants with a baby pink shirt and a silky pink tie. oooh! and i'd probably be more captivating if i had a Cartier watch on my wrist and i'm exuding the frangrance of Gucci Eau de Parfum ii. hahahaha!!!! hmm.. who knows? that might be me someday

so we got tired of walking around the mall and decided to hang out at a coffee shop. i just had guava juice this time and tasted the Banoffee Pie from Starbucks. eeek. i didn't like the taste but Ablir loved it. anyways, it was fun to catch up with friends you haven't seen for a while. and it was really enjoyable to look back on our highschool days, during the times when i was oozing with naivety. hehe. the thing i enjoyed the most though is the fact that we were able to talk about controversial things in the past and we were able to laugh things off and be mature enough about certain issues. although it's still a long way for us to be really mature. who wants to be "mature" anyways? what's scary though is we're approaching the stage in our lives where we have to decide where we want to go and what we want to do. to at least ascertain some sort of a good future for us.

me and my office friends planned the other day that we should go bowling friday night (which was last night). i left the house at around half past noon and it's evening already when we decided to leave the coffee shop. as i was in the mood to bowl and i knew that my office friends' concept of time is twisted, i invited Ablir to bowl with me first, while waiting for my other set of friends to arrive. haha! (how user-friendly!) well, it was a win-win situation since i know Ablir likes bowling too. on the way to the bowling lane, we saw another friend, Ian. i find it strange though that we saw him at the Megamall when he's based in Commonwealth the whole time. oh well. and there we were at lane 22. sitting beside us were a daddy-type guy (cute-ish, probably cuter during his prime) and two kids, one turns out to be his son and the other one his nephew. i distinctly remember them because i overheard them talking about me... "is that a lady?!?" EEEEK! just because i screamed like a girl when my first ball hit the gutter doesn't mean i'm a girl! geeze! gender-sensitivity should've been taught at preschool! haha.

anyways, i shushed them when they saw how powerful i was. they better imagine themselves flying in different directions just like how the pins do when i hit them with the ball. haha! i was doing ok with my game. doing enough to impress the ignorant but not enough to be really ecstatic about my game. there was this shot where i had to make a spare and do it in a reverse angle (my entry point is from the non-dominant side). so i prepared for my shot and when i released the ball... "OUCH!" the fourteen-pound ball hit me on my right foot (the part i call the "inner ankle"). it ricocheted to the bowling lane and i never made the spare. huhu. now there's a big bruise on my foot and the pain! huhu. we finished the game and decided to leave. i was limping the whole time after that but Ablir was insistent that it was just some sort of psychosomatic manifestation/placebo pain. so i used this made-up pain as an excuse to ditch my office friends, who decided to show up 2 hours after the pre-agreed meeting time!!!

so i got home. but not without buying a stuffed burrito and cheese quesadillas. and not without the headache that comes with trying to find a cabride home on a rainy friday night. huhu. so yeah, i got home, semi-wet, super tired, with psychic pain on my right foot. i still had to go online. Zack, whom i thought once could be a potential lover but turned out to be just a "friend with benefits", messaged me and was hinting on meeting up. i was tempted. but i was too tired and too psycho-pained to be horny. i ended up sleeping and when i got up, i decided to do some bloghopping and now i'm here writing my first blog entry in two years. yey!

the place pain that i felt earlier turned out not be psychosomatic at all. whenever i touch the bruised area, there's so much pain that i end up biting my lips and hyperventilating. i hope there's no serious fracture wounds. oh. and i fitted the athletic supports i bought and they all turned out to be too small. so i have to exchange them later. prolly before going to work. WORK! AGAIN! huhu...

this doesn't seem to be too bad for a first post ;o)

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